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Leja cabs are in cab services and we have launched our service in major cities like Nashik, Pune, and Mumbai etc. We are going to share some business opportunity with Leja Cabs by attaching your car with us.

Leja Cabs is open for all people i.e. if you have a car or you are planning to have a car and want to make money with your car by attaching it to Leja cab then there is a big opportunity for you. They offer good income to the owner of the car.

Below are some of the points which will help you if you are planning the same:-

How to attach your Car with Leja Cabs?

For the Cab Registration with Leja you have to take following steps to attach your car with Leja Cabs:-

  • First of all, you have a used or brand new car to attach with Leja Cabs as Commercial Used but be in good condition.
  • You can hire a driver which has a commercial license and all the necessary documents. You can also drive yourself then no issues.
  • You have to contact your nearest office or you can directly call to the main branch for new registration of your car.
  • You have to submit your required documents to the company.
  • The Leja Company or staffs will see your car condition in your nearest regional office.
  • Staff will guide you about the guidelines and offers.
  • Open a Current Bank Account with Required documents which we will discuss below.
  • Now you are ready and you can run your Leja Cabs in your city.

Now we talk about the Require Legal Documents. For Attach your Car with Leja Cabs you need following Documents:-

1. Driver Documents :
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Police Verification etc.
  • TR Driving License
2. Vehicle Documents :
  • Valid RC Book/Card
  • Insurance
  • Fitness Certificate
  • All Tax Receipt (Road Tax)
  • Tourist Permit (Permit Receipt)
3. Operator Documents :
  • Pan Card
  • Cheque/Bank Pass Book
  • Address Proof
  • Notarized sole Agreement
4. Owner Documents :
Proprietorship Firm
  • Take Service Tax Registration Certificate
  • Open a Current Bank Account on the basis of Service Tax Registration Certificate.
Partnership Firm
  • Drafting Partnership Deed
  • Register with Registrar of Firms
  • Apply for PAN Number on the name of partnership firm
  • open a Current Bank Account
  • Apply for Service Tax Registration.
Private Limited Company
  • Apply for DSC and DIN Number.
  • Apply for Name Approval, MOA, and AOA with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Apply for PAN Number and Open a Current Bank Account
  • Apply for Service Tax Registration.

Why Choose Leja Cabs to attach the Car?
Leja Advantage
  • Fixed Earn per month*
  • 24 x 7 Driver Support
  • Work As per your Convenience
  • Payment Settlement every Week
  • Transparent Payment Policy

FAQ : How to Attach Your Car with Leja Cabs

How can I attach my car with Leja?

You can visit Leja office in your city. Leja city team would be happy to guide you with the registration process.

Typical steps to register are as follows:

  • Documents verification
  • Car and driver audit to meet our standards
  • Driver training
  • Contract signing

How much time does it take to complete the registration process?

Typically it takes close to 2hrs. to be ready to take bookings.

How much will I be charged for registration?

Registration is free. You may be charged a nominal amount for Notarized Agreement.

What documents of the car and permits do I need to attach my car with Leja?

Car Documents:

  • Valid RC Book
  • Insurance (1st Party Only)
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Tax Receipts
  • Tourist Permits

How will I be paid?

All your outstanding payments at the end of a week are transferred to your bank account within 2 working days.

How can I view my earnings?

You can view your earnings on your email account.

Contact Details for Attach a Car with Leja Cabs:

You can contact on following details –

Contact Number Directly To Main Company: +91- 8007 29 39 49


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